Freitag, 5. März 2010


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- Available: not any longer
- Animals: cute heffalumps...lumping along in my bed

-Beer: eeeeew...
- Birthday: august the 31st
- Best Friend: my ipod
- Body Part on opposite sex: I must say HAIR!
- Best feeling in the world: being loved by somebody you love even more back
- Best weather: sunny days in spring
- Been in Love: I think I was...but you can never be sure, how love really feels!
- Believe in Magic: ...In magical moments yes...
- Believe in Santa: santa's cool!

- Candy: I really hate this gummy stuff with sugar...eww...chocolate is my religion!
- Color: pastel colors...make me feel like a character in a sofia coppola movie!
- Chocolate/Vanilla: stupid question
- Chinese/Indian/Italian Food: all of them! it's all about the mix...but thai is my favourite
- Cake or pie: cake,pie,muffins,donuts,cookies....I don't care!as long as I get one of them NOW!
- Continent to visit: Europe and parts of the USA
- Cheese: danish and swiss cheese is the best! I really miss havarti!

- Day or Night: like kid cudi said: day n' night!
- Dancing in the rain: is very cleaning

- Eyes: blue
- Ever failed a class?: never
- First thoughts waking up: morning again?....oh no jogging!where's the gun?
- Food: my purpose in life, my love, my ruin!
- Goals: being happy with the things I have and will get
- Get along with your parents?: mommy and daddy forever!
- Hair Color: blond
- Happy?: at the moment...NO!
- Holiday: this summer I'm going to London with my sister...everything else will be decided spontaneously
- Ice Cream: hazelnut definitely!

- Jewelry: without my earrings(even if they're very small) I feel naked
- Job: please help me to find money is on holidays....without me!

- Kids: don't really like them....but who knows!
- Kickboxing or karate: I prefer beating guys with my bag
- Keep a journal?: yes

- Love: Love combines "happiness" and "pain"...I love the first part...but hate the second!
- Letter: A,B,C I don't care...but I'd love to get a love letter!
- Laughed so hard you cried: love it!
- Milk flavor: eeew...hate milk!only with cereals I can tolerate it.
- Movies: have to be funny, romantic and artificial at the same time.
- McD’s or BK: NONE!

- Number: 1

- One wish: to get everything I long for

- Perfect Pizza: one with tons of vegetables on it
- Pepsi/Coke: coke! pepsi is just a cheap copy!...oh but LIGHT please!

- Reason to cry: disappointment
- Reality T.V.: the name of a course, I visit at university this semester
- Radio Station: my mind

- Song: right now everything that reminds me of summer and spring
- Shoe size: 38
- Salad Dressing: balsamico-vinegar
- Sushi: I could eat this every day
- Strawberries/Blueberries: ...or them in my breakfastgranola or with ice cream
- Tattoos?: I'd love to...but I'm scared, that I'd regret it later...
- Time for bed: when it's time for university
- Thunderstorms: romantic...when you're inside

- Unpredictable?: I know..

- Vacation spot(s): Denmark, London and Prague

- Weakness: self-criticism
- Who makes you laugh the most: my family
- Worst Weather?: freezing temperatures, rain and wind... in combination!

- X-Rays: never

-Year it is now: 2010
-Yellow: submarine

- Zoo animal: why the hell do I think of a llama?

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