Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

*artists cannot fail. it's a success to be one*

katharina fritsch at the "KUNSTHAUS ZÜRICH":

Today I went to the "kunsthaus zürich" with my mom, to see katharina fritsch's exhibition there. i know her art, because we dealt with her at university and i've seen some very cool and provocative stuff of her. so i was very curious to see some new sculptures and photos at this place....and i really was impressed of them all. Her art is very special and provocative. she plays with reigious and natural prototypes and changes them into a kind of artificial and sometimes ridicilous way. i really love the fact, that she deals with a lot of different and effective colours, which are never expected in the way they were i really like to show u some of the masterpieces i've seen, but it's so hard to convey the effect this sculptures have to viewers with their colour,material and hights in combination with the colourfully arranged photos in the when you look at the pictures, you have to play with your imagination....because most of the sculptures(for ex. the elephant)are extremely huge!

*night's hard to get through*

do you believe you're missing out
that everything good is happening somewhere else?
but with nobody in your bed
the night's hard to get through

"you are not seth cohen"

Montag, 24. August 2009

*honey honey*

*farewell my black balloon*

Elevator straight into my skull
the escalator rises as it falls
i swear our jet is crashing in my mind
you can hold on but i wouldn't waste your time

farewell my black balloon
farewell my black balloon

i've stood in a thousand street scenes
just around the corner from you
on the edge of a dream that you have
has anybody ever told you, it's not coming true ?

farewell my black balloon
farewell my black balloon
farewell my black balloon
farewell my black balloon

*NY apartment*

I’m currently inspired by interior decorating….for my FIRST apartment(when I'll have enough money...)! Erin Wasson has a ridiculous art collection in her shabby chic apartment. I love her minimal yet eclectic style. Does that contradict? Oh well. I always think fashion should contradict itself anyway…keeps it interesting to look at. Love the native american, tribal, hippy vibe.