Montag, 29. März 2010

*i want...*

i want to feel okay. i want to feel important to you. i want to feel like you care about me as much as i care about you. i want to be right and not have you resent me for it. i want to to talk to you. i want to tell you everything and not be afraid of your judgement. i want to believe you. i want to trust you. i want to know where i stand. i want to laugh with you. i want to stop crying over you. i want to have great nights and better days. i want to listen. i want to be a part of your dreams. i want you to be a part of mine. i want to know you are interested. i want you to initiate conversation. i want you to choose me over someone else. i want to know you think about me. i want to feel special. i want to write and know you’ll read it. i want you to see. i want you to feel. i want you to know. i want to want you, and i want you to want me too. i just want to, okay?

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