Montag, 30. August 2010

...the reasons why i'm single:

  • i’m not attractive enough
  • i'm not skinny enough
  • i’m not a slut
  • i sometimes act like an idiot
  • i always complain about myself
  • i haven’t had a REAL relationship
  • i’m awkward
  • i'm loud
  • i’m always good friends with the guys i like and can't take the next step
  • i'm into bad boys
  • i’m too insecure
  • i don’t let anyone in because i don’t trust easily(anymore)
  • i got hurt one time too many
+ the guys i go for, are always in a relationship


  1. i sometimes act like an idiot
    -- das isch SEHR sympathisch ;D

  2. + the guys I go for are always in a relationship

  3. nummer 1 und 2. NOOOO!!!!!! you're beautiful and perfect the way you are BUN!

  4. OMG! This is so sad and otherwise so true. I have the same problems. I adore your blog, it' s very special.:)