Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

*you'll die lonely*

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I don't really mind but, how does it feel to be immature?

Is it funny?
Breaking hearts and whole personalities?
Making people trust you?

I don't really mind but how did you come this far?
Or saying things, that nobody said before?

Who is the victim?Who defeats?
My scars will heal
But you'll never find what you are looking for
You'll hurt again

I win and you'll die lonely, honey
I will love again.
I am...but you won't, u won't!

lyrics by me,myself and I


  1. bezaubernder blog und so wunderbare worte,die du da immer wieder niederschreibst...
    am besten mag ich deine bilder, wunderhübsch sind sie - wunderkind!