Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

*you broke me*

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I thought I fell in love again.

The end of myself.
Sweet words, kisses & promises and now it's all my fault?

I fell in love again. I thought.
But it's funny how u play "cool" now in front of my friends, just to hide what you've done.
When you act like u never had any feelings for me. even attraction.

You broke me.
Not just the heart. this one would heal easily.
All of me! the deepest!
So why are you still expecting me to be something you aren't either. perfection!

You broke me.
And u want to play friends now?
It scares me to call u "friend" when you actually aren't and can't be!

As I said, you broke me.
Without even knowing me or what the inmost of my person is.
So why please should I call u a "friend" now?
Honey, I can't anymore!

Cause you broke me.
Like nobody did in past.
Even my biggest enemies never hurt me like you did & can with words.
Without even recognize it!

lyrics by me

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