Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

*Today's day*

After two chrrr university-lessons in basel, I took the train to beautiful zurich and there I bought some new stuff....*yeeaayy*

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big,male t-shirt and a "selfmade-bag"--> bag by brocki wetzikon and chain by OBI(haha)...designed by moi!

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my new "bigbag"!by BIG zurich!;) i finally have a bag, that is big enough for my stuff!

Today, I spent a lot of time in trains(lucerne-basle....basle-zurich...zurich-lucerne) ipod had to work very hard(poor thing)!...the song that I listened to the most on my "journeys" today was...:


  1. ooh. sehr schön! mag ich alles, supertoll. haha. lil' fat ballerina :D aber bald ist sie ja HULK, wenn sie immer ins fitness geht

  2. bebi i want it all. vor allem die brocki bag. i'll steal it.